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The Side Bar – Volume XIII, Issue 13

The Side Bar – Volume XIII, Issue 13

January, 2015


From Lenny’s Corner

Englander Fischer enjoys the pleasure of being a sponsor of The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance MUSE Benefit this month. The Benefit is an event that pays tribute to those that have inspired and helped guide the City to the distinction of being an international arts destination. The arts enhance our identity as a community, help drive our local economy, and encourage public-private partnerships. Leonardo da Vinci suggested that we: “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” The arts connect all the dots of our lives.

Is an Unsigned Contract Enforceable?

Most people think all hope is lost if a signature is missing from a contract, but that is not always the case. Contracts play a big role in business, and it is important to know that you do not have to give up your right to enforce a contract if one party did not sign it.

What Creates an Enforceable Contract?

The point of signing a contract is to show assent, however, signing a contract is not the only way to do that. In fact, Florida courts have found that where a contract was not signed but a party’s actions suggested acceptance, an enforceable contract existed. In one case, an enforceable contract was found to exist where a party did not sign the contract, but paid a deposit and subsequently paid invoices.

How Can You Uphold a Signed or Unsigned Contract?

Even if one party signed the contract but the other party did not, the contract may be upheld against the signing party, unless the contract expressly stated that the signature was conditioned on all of the parties signing the contract.
Given the various scenarios where Florida courts have enforced unsigned contracts, it is imperative to consult with an attorney before foregoing your contractual rights and remedies. Should you have any further questions regarding contract enforcement, please call Englander Fischer at (727) 898-7210 to see how one of our attorneys can assist you.

What’s New At Englander Fischer?

englander fischer muse benefit

Englander Fischer will be in attendance at the 2nd annual MUSE Benefit in support of the St. Pete Arts Alliance. This event will recognize “the breadth of art and culture in our City of the Arts.”

Proceeds benefit the Arts Alliance’s programs and services including Art Walk, Art Beat, Arts Education, and the Sun Lit Festival. For more info, visit the SPAA website here.

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