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Has Severe Weather Caused Your Business to Suffer?

Has Severe Weather Caused Your Business to Suffer?


Don’t Allow Your Business to Lose Income by Having Inadequate Insurance Coverage

With the abnormally heavy storms and severe flooding seen throughout the Tampa Bay area this summer, it is more important than ever for local business owners to be able to rely on their insurance coverage.

For businesses large and small, loss of income due to business interruption resulting from property damage takes effect immediately. Whether commercial property damage slows the daily operations of your business and limits your income, or forces you to temporarily close your doors, putting your business at risk, the aftermath of a severe weather event can be devastating. Matters become even worse when your commercial insurance carrier does not provide adequate relief.

In these cases, it is important to have experienced insurance attorney on your side, defending your business’s best interests. Englander Fischer’s attorneys can assist with a wide variety of insurance related matters, including policy reviews, property damage, business interruption loss of revenue, wrongfully denied claims and liability issues. Some of our attorneys have counseled and litigated commercial insurance issues for almost 40 years.

Commercial Insurance Policy Reviews

When it comes to severe weather, preparation is always key. As a business owner, it is important that you understand what your policy covers and what your insurance provider can be held accountable for before the unexpected happens. You also want to protect your business as soundly as possible, without paying for more than you need. If you are unsure whether your policy contains the right amount and types of coverage for your business, an Englander Fischer attorney can help. When you come to us, we will review your policy to make sure you have exactly what you need to protect your business.

Business Loss of Income Claims

When property damage is so severe that it forces you to cease operation, it may be weeks, months or even years before your income is restored to pre-disaster standards. Even if your insurance provider has agreed to cover the cost of the property damage incurred, the time you spend out of business, waiting for these repairs to be made, can still put you in a deep financial hole. To avoid the hit from such a substantial loss, many business owners rely on business interruption insurance, which covers loss of income that results from a disaster. If your business interruption insurance provider is denying your claim, Englander Fischer’s attorneys are prepared to help you fight for the income you are entitled to.

Commercial Property Damage Claims

When a storm damages your commercial property, you count on your insurance carrier to provide payment for the necessary repairs. However, even when property damage and its devastating effects are evident, your insurance company may not be willing to offer a sufficient payment. When this happens, you may find yourself fighting for your business’s life in the tangles of a complex insurance dispute. At Englander Fischer, our aggressive commercial insurance claim team is here to demand the funds you need to remain productive.

Our Experienced Insurance Attorneys Will Demand What Your Business Deserves

In these time-sensitive situations, it is absolutely vital that insurance carriers provide fair assessments to help business owners get back on their feet as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it does not always happen this way. Providers may hold that your income has not truly suffered from the effects of property damage, or that your business’s operation was not interrupted severely enough to warrant a business interruption claim. Some cases may simply be a matter of bad faith. If you believe your insurance provider has wrongfully denied your claim, our attorneys will fight to obtain the coverage you deserve.

If your business is suffering as a result of severe weather and your insurance provider is denying your claim or failing to provide sufficient payment, call Englander Fischer at 727-898-7210, or contact us online, so our attorneys can begin assessing your case.

This publication is for general information only. It is not legal advice. Legal counsel should be contacted before any action is taken that might be influenced by this publication.

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