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Against the Odds: How We’ve Made It as a Small Business for 25 Years

Against the Odds: How We’ve Made It as a Small Business for 25 Years

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary this month by hosting a wonderful party graciously attended by members of the legal community, clients, family and friends. When the lights were turned out and I got off my feet, the enormity of what had been accomplished sank in. Almost 30 million small businesses exist in the U.S. and less than half survive their first 4 years of operation. The number that survive 25 years is miniscule and against tremendous odds.

Small Business Keys to Success

I’m sure there are countless opinions on why one small  business survives and another fails, but I think they are born of strong value systems. Here are a few from my personal brief bag:

Family support –My wife Betsy’s valuable attention to what I do and being a sounding board and partner for ideas is critical. My daughters’ participation in my office over the years and their support of what I do and how much time I have spent doing it, is unbounded. The support of my extended family and the deference they give me to pursue my passion is immeasurable.

Awe – For the role of the judiciary and how important it is to our American way of life. We hold incredibly diverse opinions but share a common respect for the ability to agree to disagree.

Professionalism and ethics – To me they go hand in hand. I’m sure they come from a strong moral tradition instilled in me by my parents, but I love this quote from Derek Curtis Bok: “In the whole history of law and order, the longest step forward was taken by primitive man when, as if by common consent, the tribe sat down in a circle and allowed only one man to speak at a time.

Loyalty and respect – You reap what you sow. It applies to clients and friends, but is particularly applicable to co-workers and colleagues.

My late law partner, Jim Fischer, and I shared the same values and beliefs, which I attribute to the privilege of celebrating 25 years in business. I often think he sits on my shoulder making sure that I don’t forget.

About the Author:

Leonard S. “Lenny” Englander is the senior partner at Englander Fischer, a boutique business litigation firm serving the Tampa Bay area. Lenny has been practicing for over 4o years, representing commercial enterprises and high net worth individuals in virtually every type of  commercial and business disputes.

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